10 Questions with Chris "Peanut" Brill

Posted by: admin at 4:48 pm on December 1st, 2016


As the MC of the Roland Martin Marine Center Series, Chris "Peanut" Brill keeps the stage and the anglers loose. His unique style makes the Clewiston events fun for all. We recently sat down with him to get his thoughts on the RMMC Series, interviewing the Great American Fisherman, rats and the injustice of Han Solo.

Name: Christopher Brill
Ft. Myers, FL
Family: Wife, Jennifer, kids, Mckenzie & Dylan
Favorite Lake: Lake Okeechobee
Favorite Technique: Flipping
Angling Hero: Greg Hackney

Where did Peanut come from?
CB My father-in-law gave me that back in high school. I fought it for a while but it eventually stuck. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. Some people don’t even know my real name. So thanks to my good ole boy father-in-law, I’m known as Peanut.

Q What do you do for a living when you’re not on stage?
CB I own a pest control business in Ft. Myers called Project Earth Pest Control. We take care of all pests and love it. But it’s endless work. Especially with all the rats here in Florida. I even find them in my livewell that a couple of bass have puked up. When the lake falls and comes back up, you can see them swimming around. Those and the lizards.

Q What’s it like interviewing the Great American Fisherman?
CB It’s really a neat honor. It’s humbling. It’s kind of awe inspiring. I know I have to stay focused but I also want to have fun. So I always try to have something serious to ask but also something fun. He is the Godfather of bass fishing after all and it’s really neat to see him on the stage and on the lake. And I’ll tell you one thing, when it comes to practice and tournament time, Roland Martin is the first one in and last one out. He’s as hardcore as can be. It’s amazing to see.

Q Which do you enjoy more? Fishing or MCing?
CB I’d say it’s 50-50. It’s fun to be a part of such a good tournament and working with people that are so passionate about running it and because it’s so professionally run, it’s so enjoyable. Fishing is always enjoyable. We don’t even practice though. We just show up and fish and it’s all good.

Q What do you think of the Roland Martin Marine Center Series?
CB One of things that make the series so successful is that the group that runs it is angler focused so they’re always approaching it from the angle of what’s best for the angler instead of what’s going to be make more money. With that, everything is better. From the rules to the setup to the payout, that makes a big difference. Then you’ve got the competition level that makes it such a coveted trophy. The money is just more of the icing on the cake but the competition level is amazing. So you’ve got national pros mixing it up with local sticks that really drives people. And that’s why it’s so successful and why it’s going to keep growing.

Roland Martin Marine Center Series with Chris Brill

Q What one thing about you might surprise people?
CB After everything I’ve said on stage, I’m not sure anything I would do would surprise people. But, I am a huge Star Wars fan. My family loves Star Wars. I dress up like a Jedi Knight on a regular basis. Not just Halloween. Regularly. Yeah, we have a pretty fun house, that’s for sure. Life is too short not to have fun. But I’m telling you, I’m highly disappointed that after Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, the first thing they did was kill Han Solo. I just think it is so ridiculous and unfair. If there is anything Donald could do about this now that he’s in office, that should be job one. It’s just… just… so unfair.

Q Any desire to take your talents to BASS or FLW?
CB Honestly, no. I’m all RMMC Series, all the way. Just like Zohan never sold out. Just like the Ghostbusters never sold out. BASS and FLW could offer me whatever they want, but I’m not selling out. I’m all RMMC Series all the way. For life.

Q If you could interview a Lake Okeechobee Bass, what would you ask?
CB What was it like to have Godzilla as a father? Did he train you to be mean and nasty all the time and to crush and annihilate everything? What’s your favorite hangout? Where’s your school of friends? Is there any big bully you want to sell out that we can talk to? Maybe even ask, what kind of accommodations do you like in a livewell? What are your thoughts on Rejuvenate? Like or dislike? Maybe a little ice? Or even on a personal level like what kind of music do you like? Favorite football team? You know, important things. I want to let him know I care. I care about him and his children, his friends — his slime coat. You know, I’d like really like sit down, you know Indian style and really get to know him. I want to let him know that our relationship shouldn’t be just all about business.

Q What are your predictions for the December Championship?
CB 25 pounds a day is what it’s going to take. Plus, there's something about the competition here that makes everyone bring their A-Game. The weather is getting right. The lake is getting right. It’s setting up for the Big Mommas to be feeding up and coming in. I think it’s going to be a total catch-fest.

Q What would you do with your share of the $15,000 Winner’s Check?
CB I would go to Disney World and party like it’s 1999 and spend everything. That’s it. Without question. Take my kids to Disney.


The Championship for the 2016 Season will be held December 10th & 11th at the Roland Martin Marina. Be sure to join us to see who takes home the $15,000 winner's check. See you in Clewiston.